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in software development
We are a Smart Technology company
with a team of educated professionals.
We deliver robust, scalable, and
cost-effective software solutions.
We are Microsoft Gold Partner.

Smartech company was organized in 2001 by the group of mathematicians and programmers. Initially our company was oriented on providing custom software development services to banks and scientific laboratories. In 2003 Smartech entered the US software development market.

Smartech is situated 100 miles from Moscow (capital of Russia). Close distance to megalopolis allows us to have all the advantages – ability to meet guests from the customers in the international airports and send our employees on-site; and avoid disadvantages – such as high rates, tense labor market. Presence of 2 universities allows our company to choose the best specialists among developers and applied mathematicians.

We have a team of educated professionals possessing expertise in core areas of IT including specialists in technical writing, software development, quality assurance, data base engineering, web development. All of our lead employees have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Computer Science and minimum of 3 yeas of professional experience.

The combination of the profound educational background and knowledge of traditional and new technologies in alliance with the world famous creativity of Russian software developers enable us to deliver the solutions that can meet the most demanding requirements set by your business. We build affordable, easy to use solutions that can automate repetitive processes, streamline workflow procedures, and help your company lower expenses. All the software products are thoroughly documented that allows easy maintenance and expendability. Smartech sets up the necessary communications, allowing you to monitor the status of the on-going project and control it remotely.

Two grounds of our success are the personnel and Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance represents the main goal of any business activity and provided through all the phases of development process.

For profound Quality Assurance (QA) we employ various methodologies and strategies, conduct formal technical reviews, and build software testing plans for each project. We also use automated tools for conducting QA activities. Our quality assurance team assists the project team in achieving a high quality product. This team performs a set of activities that address quality assurance planning, oversight, record keeping, analysis, and reporting.

The QA team improves the quality of the product and of the software process itself. Software reliability models allow collated defect data to be extrapolated into projected failure rates and reliability predictions.